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About Houston Remodeling and Roofing Contractors

We can handle any residential or commercial remodeling application in and around the Houston area, whether it's Roofing, HVAC, Painting, Siding, Rain Gutters, Concrete or Room Additions.  Our customers range from residential to small businesses and large condominium developments, we only use the highest quality materials and systems for durability and long lasting satisfaction.  Houston Remodeling Contractors are especially conscious of your personal life or business continuing to operate while the project is underway.  Nassau Bay Roofing and Remodeling  contractors will work with you to form a plan for construction on your building or home that minimizes parking lot obstructions and if need be we will avoid working during your peak business hours and get the job completed in a minimum amount of time.


Houston remodeling contractors adding a room          Construction in Houston

We also offers a roofing maintenance program that helps to uncover problems before they become expensive repairs.  This preventative service also allows us to react more quickly in emergency situations such as storm repairs since we are more familiar with your remodeling and its requirements. Our reputation and references are available upon request and any contractor worth their salt will gladly offer references so you can talk to prior clients and view any project to insure you make an informed decision.

Our Customers:

  • Property management companies

  • Townhouse/condominium developments

  • Housing communities

  • Warehouses

  • Office buildings

  • Apartment buildings


Serving Houston, Pasadena, League City and Pearland, Texas