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Pasadena, League City and Pearland Texas

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With Houston Remodeling contractors, you can enlarge or add new space!

There are many reasons to remodel and/or add living space to your home.  Well-planned room additions can provide new space and comfort and may enhance the style of your home, as well as add to its value.  Additionally, you may find remodeling costs more affordable than moving your family to a new home!

Your unique ideas and the Houston Remodeling design team can plan room additions for your home that include a new leisure room, family room, kitchen enlargement to add function and style or a luxurious master bedroom suite and we have the experience and focus on quality to make your room addition attractive and functional, as well as adding value to your home.

The two basic types of
room additions are horizontal additions and vertical additions.  If you have space and necessary clearances on your property, a horizontal addition to the main living area of your house can greatly increase its comfort level and usability.  Horizontal room additions, however, generally require new foundations to support the new space so, if you have a small lot, you may be limited in your remodeling to vertical choices that add an upstairs bedroom or bathroom.   This kind of addition could involve raising your roofline or extending your roof with a shed or gable dormer.   

If your budget does not allow for an expensive addition to your home, you might want to consider adding a screened porch or sun room, which is much more economical and also adds comfort and value to your home.  These wonderful “3-season” rooms may not even require central heating or air conditioning and can be built fairly quickly.

If you are looking for a professional remodeling company with experienced architects for room addition design and/or construction, please call  (832) 341-9874 or get a free estimate by completing our online service request form by clicking on the Contact button.





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