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Pasadena, League City and Pearland, Texas


As summer approaches, a lot of people start thinking about spending more time outdoors and improving their home's outside living space.  An outdoor pergola is a beautiful addition to any home and is usually made from a weather-resistant wood like red cedar that is stained to retain the natural wood beauty or painted some shade of white.  A pergola can be free-standing in any sitting area you may like or it can bridge the gap between a home and another structure or be incorporated into an existing patio to emulate a beautiful courtyard. 

Patio Construction

Outdoor pergolas are usually noted by their beautiful columns and our company offers a wide array of options for columns, from basic pre-treated wood to Cantera Columns that will create the outdoor living area of your dreams.  All of our pergolas are custom-built on site using the finest materials and construction techniques and quality workmanship to ensure that they will stand-up to nature's harsh elements, including hurricane-force winds.   We will obtain any necessary building permits and comply with all local building codes and  homeowners' association restrictions.  

Get started today by calling Houston Roofing and Remodeling for a free quote to help you achieve the outdoor living space of  your dreams!  

Serving Houston, Pasadena, League City and Pearland, Texas